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Welcome, all, to my Advanced Technologies blog! I've done several blogs in the past (see the Swiss Tour blog listed to the right:), and hope to continue to develop my 'blogabilites'!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Readers and Feeds and Aggregators, Oh MY!

This was quite a time-consuming exercise, but still very interesting. I'm hoping the process of aggregating feeds, adding links, and getting a grasp of the various terms in the blogging world will become second nature at some point! It's still a bit 'clunky', and I'm hoping that I'll feel comfortable enough with the whole idea of blogging to encourage my students to use blogs in future classes.

In the meantime, life goes on! It's c-c-COLD out here in Western Minnesota. Winter has arrived with 30 mile/hour winds, whipping in from the Dakotas, blowing snow around (mostly sideways:)...

Here's a picture of Gus, all 'fluffed up' for winter, trying to stay warm in the late afternoon sunlight...